Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Newtown Tragedy - You Want Answers?

While the country scrambles around trying to figure out what caused the Newtown tragedy and more importantly how to keep it from ever happening again, I have seen the blamed tossed from gun activists and loose gun laws to mental health issues to video games. I just wanted to take a second to step back away from the whole mess and get a look at the bigger picture.

First, I heard (read?) in a report that 1 in 5 boys are abused in some fashion (sexual, emotinal, physical, etc..) 1 in 3 girls. By boys and girls, I mean pre-pubescent.

Second, we have a nation of parents who believe that 'the more stuff I give my kids, the more they will see how much I love them'. Never mind the fact that the parent spends 60-80 hours a week trying to make the money to buy all that crap. What the kids REALLY want is your love and time and acceptance. I've had good jobs, made lots of money, and worked tons of hours. I would give it all back in a hot second if I could for the time I missed with my kiddos. This mentality has also bred a generation of spoiled brats who have this entitlement complex and can't seem to understand the meaning of 'No.'

Third, TV and XBox have become our babysitters. I have never let my kids play any games that incorporates blood-shed. I can't believe some of these parents who let their kids play CoD or any of those ultra-real war games. I don't even play them. You see someone shot in real life, I promise you those games wont be near as much fun. Quit letting your kids watch CRAP!! Spend a little time with them.. how about fishing. Or, you want them to shoot something, teach them how to hunt so they will never have to worry about going hungry or feeding their family if needed. Furthermore, kids sit around in a state of pseudo-reality already. Setting them in front of a first-person shoorter for hours on end has GOT to do something to their pyche. I'm actually surprised that everyone else is surprised something like this happend. What did you expect would happen? Kill zombies and bad guys for 10 hours a day and then go outside and frolic in the daisies? I. Don't. Think. So.

Four, I'm gonna say it loud and I'm gonna say it proud and I aint sorry for it. When you take God out of our kids lives, they have absolutely no protection from the wiles of the devil and his minions. People (Christians) have become so focused on their lives here on earth in our physical realm, that most have forgotten that we are spiritual people. Our wars are not here on a physical plane. Our wars and battles are fought on a spiritual level with very real threats, enemies, and casualties. The life that you are working so hard for now is meaningless. It is quite literally fuel for The Fire. If you aren't helping to build up your children's spiritual armour, you are basically setting them on the front lines with a cardboard shield and a cork-gun. You have to build their armour, teach them how to talk to others about Jesus, and educate them about our Lord's Return. I know that I'm not the only person here noticing a trend. 100 years ago, nearly everyone and their dog owned some type of fire arm. Nearly everyone also had a healthy dose of fear of God. No mass shootings. 50 years ago, same thing. Nearly 30 years ago they began to take God out of society and what happened? Virginia Tech, Oklahoma City, Columbine, Newtown... Can you atheists and liberals sit there with a straight face and tell me that me and five million other people are making this fairy tale stuff up? Here is a tip, man cannot create Utopia. It had already been made, and We Messed It All Up!

So basically, we have a bunch of kids with a strong probability of having some sort of emotional scarring from abuse sitting around for hours on end playing super-violent video games while mom and dad are gone to work. Instead of working through the trauma they sit there and picture their attackers face on every person they shoot. The poor kid has no spiritual (or minimal at best) compass or protection to thwart the attacks from The Enemy, who is steadily whispering in their ear. It doesn't take much to turn a broken kid into a psychotic madman.

I can tell you this with some certainty because as a child, I too suffered from some... rather unpleasant experiences as a kid. I can also tell you from experience that had I not found Jesus (or rather He chased me down and beat me until I submitted :) LOL ) I surely would not be the man I am now and will become. I still have my own demons to work out, but it is most assuredly through my salvation and forgiveness I was given by Jesus that I will defeat these demons and be the man God has planned for me to be. You can too, and so can your kids and we can stop all of this, if some could suck up their pride and admit they were wrong, and cry out to Jesus for salvation too.